Merry Christmas from Antarctica

Message from Daragh via satellite phone (Saturday 20th):

Please wish everyone a merry Christmas from me, and say thank you to everyone who has sent a message and thank you to everyone who has contributed to the charity. Thank you for your support and I hope to see you very soon in the new year.

The good news is that on Saturday the team were around 300kms from the Pole and in an 8-hour day still covering upwards of 26kms. They are therefore hoping to reach the Pole in less than two week’s time, on or around the 2nd January!

The white-out which lasted all day on the 17th meant they could only travel half the day, but since Friday the weather has cleared and they are again making good progress under clear skies, despite high sastrugi. They expect to attain the next cache of supplies on 23rd December, then the Pole is about a week and a half away (weather and feet permitting).

- AH