Last day of training!

It’s Friday; it’s sunny and a very beautiful late Autumn day in London. Perfect for one last run round Wandsworth Common with my beloved tyres!! The last weeks of training have been difficult – not physically, but rather I’ve just wanted to get on with the main event. I’ve felt ready for a few weeks now and I’m champing at the bit. I’ve also finally managed to put on some weight – hurrah! A coordinated pincer movement of easing off on the training and eating everything in sight was the recipe for success.All my kit is now sitting in neat piles on my living room floor waiting for one final check before being packed this evening. Sourcing the kit was much more difficult than I imagined, but it is at last satisfying to see it all in front of me. There were more than a few occasions when it looked like various pieces of equipment would remain elusive – particularly the rather crucial boots. But everything is now present and accounted for. Strange to think that my entire existence for the next two months could fit into one large duffle bag!

I leave tomorrow evening, arriving in Punta Arenas on Sunday night. A couple of days of packing the sled, going through team briefings and buying last minute supplies of chocolate and we should be off to Antarctica – weather dependent of course. That is a phrase that crops up a lot when talking about Antarctica – I do hope that we don’t have to wait too long before setting off. And then the adventure begins in earnest – with a bit of luck we should be underway by the 23rd and then the rest is up to us! Nearly 1,000kms lie ahead, in a continent rich in superlatives. Southwards, ho!